The hip knit

You know, knitting is not just the past time of grannies anymore. No way. Hand knit goods are quite the rage these days. So in turn, I should thank my friend for forcing me to learn. Thanks friend!

I find great joy in this art. The materials, the process, and most of all the end results. You never get a bad reaction when giving someone a hand knit gift and there is always something that can be made for babies too, allowing you to avoid the usual ornament, animal toy or talking whatever. Yes, it may take a little of your time, but give it a try. Why not? Pick up a set of needles, a ball of yarn and a friend who knows how and head over to the coffee shop.

kSliceKnits on Etsy

So after donating and gifting all of my knit goods, which I will still continue to do, I have been told enough times to give it a go on Etsy, a fantastic website selling only handmade and vintage goods, if you’re not familiar. So I found some lovely, willing friends to do a little modeling for me and am giving some of my hats a whirl. I sold my first one today…so that’s a good start! I’d love for you to check some of them out at my shop and tell your friends, and your friend’s friends, and your friend’s…well, maybe stop there for now. It’s only me doing the knitting. But really, stop by the shop at and enjoy!

Oliver and Adeline

hey hey painting show title

Photographer friend. It’s her birthday. She gets a camera.

E for soon to be The Elliotts

Yup, it’s a pear


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