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And the skies parted…

I couldn’t help but snap a few shots while waiting in traffic on my drive home from work yesterday. We’ve had some pretty crazy skies here in Nashville this Spring, I must say, but yesterday it felt like the skies were parting and some religious experience was about to take place. Ha. To my joy, I happened to stop not only in front of the dollar store, but also a discount liquor store. As wrong as it seems to say “And the skies parted, and the Lord came down…” in front of these places, I think they do make for some pretty interesting photos 🙂


Stormy skies of Tennessee

As the southeast and parts of the midwest saw another day of Mother Nature’s power, I was intrigued by the day’s eerie skies. With the mix of dark clouds this morning to sunshine and puffy whiter clouds this noon and back to ominous storm clouds this afternoon, right before the hail, driving rain and wind came, it was quite a fascinating sight. Though we were fortunate to escape with only large hail and rain here in Nashville, it was definitely an unnerving day of weather watching and tornado sirens. Schools were closed by noon and the mayor even released government employees and urged private business owners to do the same this afternoon, as the storm was due to hit during the start of rush hour.

I just wanted to share a few photos I shot throughout the day. Unfortunately I fell asleep waiting for the rain to quit so I could get out and shoot the post storm skies before dusk…rats!

My heart does go to those who did suffer from these terrible storms today. From Indiana to Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and wherever else Mother Nature decided to hit today and earlier this week. I am originally from Wisconsin and have decided I would take the snow any day over these severe storms and tornados!

dark skies

Morning skies

dark skies

Morning skies over Franklin, TN

stormy skies

Storm's a brewin'





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