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Cinderella’s Ball (6 year old birthday style)

Another year and another grand birthday party for my niece! It’s more like a family/friend reunion. I think my mom and I ended up with a grand tally of 64 guests. Whew. Held in my parents beautiful backyard each year (tho I think this is the last…according to my dad, ha), my sister seems to somehow rise above the bar set by the previous year’s party in terms of decor/theme, etc. She’s a party planning genius in my book. With the help of my mom, dad, (I add whatever little design pieces I can send from 700 miles away), her husband and whoever else she ropes in, it’s a guaranteed fun time to be had by all.

This year’s theme was Cinderella’s Ball. The party officially kicked off at 5pm, but the dance floor didn’t clear until after 11:00. It felt like you were at a wedding! My little nephew (DJ Polo) spun the tunes all night. The little ones came in their princess attire, tho some of the older ones did too! I know I pulled my party dress out!

This is the first year I shot video footage. Wish I had done so for some of the other parties, which included a Fancy Nancy Fashion Show, Southern Tea Party, Butterflies and Fairies, Nursery Rhymes, and a French theme. Well, as you will see, I did get slightly carried away with my footage as the video is 7:37 long. Oh well, had to capture it all! I could sit and watch this over and over…little kiddos are just the cutest dancers.


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