Mad(Men) at the office

So in honor of the Season Five premiere Sunday night (after waaaaaay to long of a break), we had no choice but to celebrate with a little swingin’ 60s Mad Men party at the office today! Thanks to all the party planning tips and fun little goodies on AMC’s Mad Men webpage, we had quite the successful shindig.

Of course dressing the part was mandatory. We all broke out our best 60s attire. We had hits from that era playing all day and come lunchtime, we made sure our spread represented as well. We took the tips from the Mad Men party planning book for this…Utz chips, Melba toast with spreads, Ritz crackers with pimento cheese spread, veggies, nuts, and of course a few cocktails served in martini glasses. I whipped up some dessert drinks (pink squirrels and grasshoppers) as we watched the first episode, for those who had tragically not viewed an episode quite yet.

As you can see in the photos below, there are character masks on the Mad Men website that can be printed and cut out as a nice decor piece. We also had fun making our own Mad Men avatars. Mine is below, as I’m hanging with the Sterling Cooper Draper Price crew at the office, cocktail in hand, of course.

Back to party decor, a few other pieces we used were the oh so fun candy (in this case bubble gum) cigarettes, which even blew out a puff of “smoke.” I mean, there is smoking in just about every scene of this show! Finally, don’t forget the cocktail glasses and possibly some magazines from the 60s (I found some at garage sales) to lay out on the table. I also printed off some cast images and a poster found on the website that I pinned up on the wall.

So, we all enjoyed our little trip back in time today, but are even more excited for Sunday evening to roll around with the new 2 hour premiere!

mad men avatar

mad men office party

mad men office party

This dish is equipped with its own ashtray...classic.

Made some simple invites for the party (top)
And our spread (bottom)


A perfect day

Had to post this because it may never happen again to me…16/16 on my first day of NCAA tourney!! hey hey hey hey

ncaa day one perfect picks

Battle time…Lego style

So my sweet family is in town visiting. My sister and I, who love to find value in other’s discarded items, hit up a few estate sales yesterday. I totally hit the jackpot (and the award for the coolest aunt…or so I’d like to think) when I found a GIANT box of legos for dirt cheap! My nephews are about the biggest lego fans I know. We all woke up this morning to mini battle scenes taking over my living room…






Sun Dancin’ (How to make the sun rise)

Take notes from my niece Kennedy. These moves are exactly what you need to make the sun come up. I’m not kidding, just look at the beautiful sunrise she was able to make happen…nice work Kennedy!!

sunrise nashville

the full arm spread

sunrise nashville

the symmetric hair rise

sunrise nashville

the arm swing

sunrise nashville

the march

sunrise nashville

the twist

sunrise nashville

the jazz hands coming up finale (with mittens)

Spring has sprung!

Spring has fully sprung here in Nashville. Though a few of the daffodils and such have been popping up for weeks now, it’s officially Spring due to the beautiful, and my favorite, white Bradford Pear trees blooming all over the city! Heck, it’s even a pretty drive to work on the interstate as they are mixed in here and there. Just thought I’d share a few Springy quick pics shot around town. I’ll keep adding as I capture more on a ┬álunch hour walk, scenic drive (I’ll keep my eyes on the road, I promise!), neighborhood stroll…


The beautiful bradford pear trees (no, they do not grow pears)

Daffodils all in a row

That's definitely a Spring sunset, for sure.

Is it really that Super?

super tuesday 2012

camera + shoes

So we learned about outdoor shooting in my photo class this week. Looked at how the natural light can affect your subject at different times of the day and how to be aware of your background, the light, and any other factors when creating the perfect composition in the frame. I’d have to say it’s pretty crazy how much you have to adjust the settings at different points of the day, if it’s sunny, cloudy, sun setting, etc.

Part of our assignment for this week is to shoot the same object in 6 different outdoor settings, keeping in mind the above factors. The other part of the assignment is to shoot the same subject in the same place at 6 different times of day, to see how lighting can change. I thought I would share a few shots of the first part of the assignment. I decided to use my favorite pair of green heels as my subject matter. I haven’t quite got all 6 of my shots in yet, but I played around with a few other pairs of my heels in the last shot. Enjoy…

green shoes orange reflections

green shoes, orange reflections


Main Street Franklin, TN

The view from above

takin' the high road, or ledge

where to....

a little overdramatic, heels...

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