Fifty is Nifty

Today we celebrated one of my coworkers (we won’t mention any names) 50th birthday. That is quite a milestone. We decided to surprise her with a little homemade birthday breakfast. I immediately volunteered for decorations, opting out of gift and food duty. Sure, there’s lots of themes one could do for 50 decor, but I just wanted to keep it classy and celebrate how great the year was my coworker was born in, 1962. I went with a black, gold and white color scheme, adding in my good white and gold dishes with crystal glasses/serving bowls. I added little touches of ’62 and the 60s with vintage candies and fun facts from that year, which was quite the year I must say.

I think we really surprised her and I hope she enjoyed herself. I know the rest of us all enjoyed the fruit, egg dish, muffins and mimosas this morning! Always a nice way to start out the workday…


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