Summertime + iMovie

Well, I’ve appeared to have neglected my poor blog for some time now. It’s quite pitiful how long it’s been since I’ve last posted. Maybe I can use the excuse that it’s summertime and I’m out and about enjoying the weather more than I’m on my computer (sure, that’s a big fat lie, but we’ll go with it).

So June, I think I could dub that Country Music month for me. My goodness, it started with the cmt awards, then 4 days of cma fest, there was the Brothers of the Sun tour with Tim & Kenny and a good handful of shows I took in with the local talent on random weeknights, which again, it’s Nashville, so usually doesn’t matter who you’re seeing or if they have a record contract yet.

The July 4th holiday led me back home for a week with my family and friends up in God’s country, aka northern Wisconsin. Though I did escape the heat a little, it was still crazy warm for that part of the country. Luckily most of our time was spent on the waters of the Door County peninsula. If you’ve never heard of, or visited this marvelous strip of land (the thumb of WI that sticks out into lake MI), please read about it here, and for goodness sake, visit! It’s been called the Cape Cod of the Midwest, and for good reason!

In my interest of documenting such trips and events as those listed above, I’ve finally started doing a bit more with the photos/videos I shoot, instead of just leaving them sit on my phone or camera. I’ve finally taken to iMovie, and tho I’ve cheated a bit in using some of their pre-made templates for now, I hope to keep documenting in this manner…but I’ll steer clear of the cheese ball templates from now on. Ha.

Well, I’ll share below. First one is from the cma fest with the work crew. Following that is my trip home on the 4th. Enjoy!




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