The Mission of The Great White Flowers (stop motion animation)

Well, here is my first attempt at stop motion animation. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Just takes a little planning, correct setup with lighting, etc, and definitely some patience…especially if legos are your subject matter! (I kept knocking them over when moving then slightly for each shot).

So, if unfamiliar with stop motion animation, think Gumby, or Wallace and Gromit. The video is made up entirely of photo stills. My video is only about 20 seconds long and consists of roughly 134 photos. Generally speaking, there are about 10 or so photos per second of video, tho I guess I am also counting the title sequence in my time.

A few tips, if you decide to try your own. First, use an artificial light source, one that won’t change, since this may take a while. If you depend on natural light, it may look different from the beginning of the movie to the end. To get the effect of the characters moving through the frames, keep the camera in the exact same place and move the characters ever so slightly in each photo. On the contrary, if you want the characters to look like they are moving with the camera, move the camera along with the character. I hope that makes sense. In mine, I kept the camera in the same place. Shoot your images at a low resolution, for digital viewing, as you will be shooting quite a few photos. And once you have everything shot, simply upload the images to your computer and find some video imaging software that suites your needs to stitch together your photos and create the video. I used iMovie. It was quite simple. I added a sound clip from my iTunes library and voila! I hope you enjoy…



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